Roxanne Macalintal

Roxanne Macalintal

Founder / Content & PPC

Mohsin Noor

Mox Noor

Founder / SEO Specialist

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Who Are We?

We are digital marketing professionals with a passion for helping businesses grow. We started our careers as independent freelancers, working with clients from all over the world. Moreover, our different backgrounds and expertise in digital marketing allowed us to offer a unique perspective to each clients. We soon realized that we could make a bigger impact by working together. That’s why we decided to start this marketing agency.


We are known for our hard work to meet the unique needs of our clients and perseverance to look for new ways to improve and innovate. Whether it’s creating a new website, optimizing for search engines, or running a targeted ad campaign, we strive in every way that we can for our clients to thrive in the very complex and competitive digital era.


Our Company

 At Digital Ninjas, our vision is for local businesses reach their full potential with our digital marketing efforts. Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and a valuable resource, so they can focus on what they do best: running their businesses. 


We believe that by helping local businesses succeed, we can make a positive impact on our community as a whole. With our company’s digital marketing solutions that are affordable yet delivered in the highest quality, we are proud to say that we’ve been part of the successes of our clients. And we will continue working with what we’ve started to ensure that we’ll help as many local business owners as we can.

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